Grousemount Wind Farm

Developed by Kerry Wind Power LTD.

About Grousemount Wind Farm

Grousemount Wind Farm is being developed by Kerry Wind Power Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ESB.

The site is located in south east Kerry, at a location east of Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry and west of Coolea, Co. Cork. The complete project was granted permission from An Bord Pleanála in Summer 2016. Grousemount Wind Farm began construction in the summer of 2017.

The full project comprises Grousemount Wind Farm, Coomataggart 110 kV Substation, which is located within the wind farm site, an underground cable connection from the Substation to ESB Networks' Ballyvouskill Substation near Millstreet, Co. Cork and minor associated works. The wind farm will comprise 38 wind turbines, which will be used to harness the natural energy of the wind to generate electricity. Turbines will have maximum overall dimensions of 126 metres (m). This would result in up to 114 MW of renewable electricity being generated on site.

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About ESB

ESB is Ireland's foremost energy company and the largest supplier of renewable electricity in Ireland. Through innovation, expertise and investment, ESB is leading the way in developing a modern, efficient electricity system, capable of delivering sustainable and competitive energy supplies to our customers. Every day, ESB works for a better energy future by investing in low carbon generating technologies, building smarter electricity networks and working with others to find innovative solutions to today's energy challenges.

ESB currently operates more than 400MW of wind energy projects throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. ESB's wind delivery programme is currently forecast to deliver an additional 400MW by 2018 toward a target of 2,500MW by 2025.

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